There are two critical strands of my research portfolio. The first is to further understanding of behavioural traits of pollutants in the soil-water continuum and advance process understanding in environmental and agricultural systems. The second is to use this knowledge to solve real world issues through applied research and knowledge exchange. To maximise the potential of these two research strands I operate within interdisciplinary research teams, with both social and natural scientists and the research and policy communities. My research interests can be defined within the following three key research themes:

Environment, Pollution and Human Health: Understanding the fate and transfer of microbial pollutants and emerging pathogens warrants significant attention and is highly topical both within research council agendas and policy arenas.

Integrated Catchment Management: Interdisciplinary frameworks that recognise the importance of integrating science and social science, multiple-pollutants and multiple-stakeholders represent an important shift for more rewarding catchment scale studies.

Diffuse Pollution Risk Assessment and Modelling: The development of decision support tools and models for different stakeholder and end-users is paramount and offers potential to overlap and complement the previous two research themes.

*I welcome inquiries regarding PhD supervision in any of the areas mentioned above and am happy to discuss opportunities to enable visiting researchers spend time here at Stirling*


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