Research Group

Current PhD Students

Principal Supervisor

Chisha Chongo Mzyece, Monitoring and modelling for early warning of microbial pollution events (Commonwealth Scholarship, with Ian Jones, Richard Quilliam & Miriam Glendell [James Hutton Institute]) START DATE 1st Oct 2021

David Bryan, Integrated management of Scotland’s agricultural wetlands to deliver multiple benefits and minimise pollution swapping (Scottish Government HydroNation Scholarship, with Jens-Arne Subke & Richard Quilliam) START DATE: 1st Oct 2021

Megan Grace, Exposure potential of rural versus urban inland waters for equitably improving population health and wellbeing (NERC IAPETUS DTP Studentship, with Jen Dickie and Caroline Brown & Phil Bartie [Heriot Watt]) START DATE: 1st Oct 2020

Craig McDougallThe role of Scotland’s inland waters in promoting blue-health of rural communities (Scottish Government HydroNation Scholarship, with Nick Hanley & Richard Quilliam) START DATE: 1st Oct 2018

Emmanuel Afolabi, Quantifying the risk of wildlife contributions to diffuse microbial pollution in agricultural catchments (Petroleum Technology Development Fund, with Richard Quilliam) START DATE: 1st June 2018


Rebecca Metcalf, The survival, persistence and ecology of microbial pathogens on the surfaces of environmental plastic pollution (University of Stirling Studentship, with Richard Quilliam & Sabine Matallana-Surget) START DATE: 1st May 2021

Jonathan Fletcher, Optimising multi-pollutant phytoremediation strategies to sustainably improve raw water quality (Scottish Government HydroNation Scholarship, with Richard Quilliam & Nigel Willby) START DATE: 1st Oct 2016

Completed PhD students

Kathleen StoschBuilding resilience to respond to future environmental change across Scottish catchments (Scottish Government HydroNation Scholarship, with Richard Quilliam & Nils Bunnefeld) START DATE: 1st Oct 2015

Heather PurshouseThe role of insect larvae for the sustainable management of faecal wastes in sub-Saharan Africa (NERC IAPETUS DTP Studentship, with Richard Quilliam & Kate Hampshire, [Durham University])  START DATE: 1st Oct 2017

Sarah Buckerfield, Understanding hydrological and land-use controls on microbial pollution & human health risks in the South West China karst region (NERC IAPETUS DTP Studentship, with Richard Quilliam and Susan Waldron & Larissa Naylor [Glasgow]) START DATE: 1st Oct 2016

Isobel Swinscoe, Exploiting insects as feed for sustainable salmon farming – identifying the risks of pathogen transfer within the production chain (University of Stirling / The National Institute of Nutrition & Seafood Research (NIFES) Norway IMPACT Studentship, with Richard Quilliam, Andre Gilburn & Robin Ornsrud [NIFES]) START DATE: 1st Oct 2015

Kenneth Porter, Risk-based modelling of pathogen export from agricultural catchments under a changing climate (NERC IAPETUS DTP Studentship, with Richard Quilliam & Sim Reaney, [Durham]) START DATE: 1st Oct 2014

Postdoc Alumni

Dr Jared Parnell, Visualising pathogen and environmental risk – integration of ViPER & SCIMAP. Funding: NERC Innovation

Dr Zarah Pattison, Disease distribution in the hydroscape. Funding: NERC Hydroscape (Workpackage 1)

Dr Melanie van Niekerk, Delivering Healthy Water / PEDAL II. Funding: NERC & Defra

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