Studentships & Research Positions

Current IAPETUS2 PhD studentships

Based at the University of Stirling

IAP2-21-211: ‘Manure trading’: a novel socio-economic lever to promote effective diffuse pollution management in agricultural catchments? (Lead supervisor: David Oliver, with Richard Quilliam, Sim Reaney & Ashar Aftab)

IAP2-21-356: Using sensors, satellites and artificial intelligence to improve catchment-scale modelling and nowcasting of microbial risks to water quality (Lead supervisor: Peter Hunter, with Richard Quilliam, David Oliver & Jethro Browell)

IAP2-21-366: Developing a decision support tool for Atlantic salmon management (Lead supervisor: Nils Bunnefeld, with David Oliver, Colin Adams & Colin Bull)

Based at the University of Glasgow

IAP2-21-221: The impact of light pollution on ecosystem services and human well-being (Lead supervisor: Davide Dominoni, with Nick Hanley & David Oliver)


I’m always happy to consider inquiries for research visits and placements within my Lab.

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